Tuesday, 15 November 2016

And Finally, This...

Sunlight will brighten this Night. 2016.
Watercolour, phosphorescent acrylic, phosphorescent cotton on paper. 102 x152cm (112 x 162cm framed)

Here it is! My contribution to Belonging to the Night, curated by Jessica Bridgfoot for Stockroom gallery, Kyneton. Opens Saturday December 10th, from 4:30pm. Above is a Gif of the two states of the work, by day and by night.

I am so pleased that this is the work I finish the year with, I'm taking a little break from the studio over summer to regroup and recoup from such a busy and productive year and I'll get back to it in January. But until then, stay tuned for upcoming details on Belonging to the Night.

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